Who We Are

Birmingham Perl Mongers are a user group for Perl programmers based in and around the second city of the United Kingdom. We provide help and advice to Perl programmers from Birmingham, the Black Country and the West Midlands.

Online, you can join our mailing list. In the real world, we meet for social meetings for beer, chit-chat and a good game of Fluxx. We also now hold monthly technical meetings. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in Perl, everyone is welcome to come along and join us. All meetings are always open to everyone and have free entry.

Our News

December Social Meet Date Change
Posted by Barbie on 18/12/2019

Last week's December Social had to be postponed unfortunately, but will be happening TONIGHT, at the usual place, The Dragon Inn on Hurst Street.

I'm hoping to be there earlier than normal, to try and secure a decent table for a change, so please feel free to join us from about 5pm this evening.

June Social (TONIGHT) Cancelled
Posted by Barbie on 12/06/2019

Due to various circumstances, unfortunately we've cancelled tonight's social. All being well we will be back next month.

Note that next month we'll be meeting a week later, on July 18th, but we will be in the usual place at the usual time. See you there.

Jan Social Special Guest : Aaron Trevena
Posted by Barbie on 16/01/2019

Aaron Trevena (TEEJAY), is visiting the GoDaddy offices this week, and has accepted our invitiation to join us for the January Scoial Meeting, which is *TONIGHT*

As usual, we'll be in The Dragon Inn on Hurst Street, from about 6pm onwards. Please feel free to come along and say hello.

For those who don't know Aaron, he has been a long standing CPAN Author (TEEJAY), and London Perl Monger, as well as leading the Devon & Cornwall Perl Mongers for several years.

January Social Meeting Date Change
Posted by Barbie on 07/01/2019

Due to illness, and offsite meetings, we're rescheduling the January Social meeting to a week later, 16th January.

We'll be at the usual place, The Dragon Inn, around 6pm onwards. Hope to see you there.

December Social Meet Date Change
Posted by Barbie on 02/12/2018

Due to me being abroad for work next week, and generally clashing with other Christmas events, we are bringing the December Social Meeting forward by one week, to this coming Wednesday, 5th December. Still at the usual place, The Dragon Inn, so hope to see you there. 

July Social Date Change
Posted by Barbie on 11/07/2018

Due to a high profile match taking place tonight, The Dragon Inn is likely to be showing the game on their TV screens. As such, the chances of us grabbing a table and being able to hear ourselves think is probably a bit remote.

As such, we're moving the social to next week, July 18th. See you then :)

February Social Date Change
Posted by Barbie on 10/02/2018

Due to the second Wednesday for February falling on Valentine's Day, 14th Feb, we've moved this month's meeting to Wednesday 21st February instead.

We'll be at the usual place, The Dragon Inn, just a week later than normal ;)

The End of an Era
Posted by Barbie on 06/03/2016

As agreed by the board in 2014, a petition has been filed to have Birmingham Perl Mongers Limited removed from the companies register, held at Companies House. As of April 2016, the company was officially struck off, and is no longer an active company.

Birmingham Perl Mongers user group continues to exist, and our mailing list and social meetings will continue, unaffected.

The company was formed in 2006 to help the group organise the 2006 YAPC::Europe event in Birmingham. In 2009 we also organised the QA Hackthon, and between 2008 and 2015 we sponsored and funded the CPAN Testers server. 

It has been a very successful 10 years as far as the board are concerned, but time has come to end this part of our story. The company no longer has funds to organise events, and does not have the capacity to keep the company going. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the story for the last 10 years, either as a board member, group member, speaker, attendee or writer. It has been very much appreciated.

Brian McCauley (1967-2015)
Posted by Barbie on 10/05/2015
Brian McCauley (4th Feb 1967 - 8th May 2015)

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our friend and colleague, Brian McCauley. Brian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, but unfortunately it was too aggressive for treatment to be effective. He passed away at the QEII Hospital, Birmingham, with his wife Sam and his family by his side, on Friday 8th May 2015.

Brian has been an integral part of Birmingham Perl Mongers, since JJ and I met him and Sam in Paris, flying home from the YAPC::Europe conference in 2002. He was a co-organiser of YAPC::Europe 2006 here in Birmingham, as well working behind the scenes for the QA Hackathon in 2009. He has been a director and more recently secretary of Birmingham Perl Mongers Limited. On CPAN he was NOBULL, and he and Sam attended every YAPC::Europe since Paris, and YAPC::NA 2008 in Chicago. He was previously a frequent poster to Usenet, Perl Monks and other Perl forums, so you may well have met him, talked with him, used his code or read his words in that time.

Brian also loved games, especially Fluxx. It would not be uncommon for both Brian and Sam, together with Geoff Avery, to instigate playing various variations of Fluxx at YAPC social evenings, sometimes well into the night.

Brian was not religious and would be uncomfortable to have prayers said of him. If you knew him you are welcome to join Birmingham Perl Mongers on Wednesday 13th May to raise a toast and say a fond farewell to our friend and colleague Brian McCauley. We'll be at The Dragon Inn on Hurst Street from 7pm.

Brian, you will be missed.

Brian McCauley
(4th Feb 1967 - 8th May 2015)

Photo taken at our Christmas social December 2014, by Chris Marsh.

Our October Technical this Wednesday
Posted by Barbie on 27/10/2014

This month's technical meeting is, as per usual, at The Birmingham Science Park, Aston on 29th October 2014. The talks start at 7.30pm, so please make sure you are there in plenty of time. Free car parking is available at the venue, and bus stops are nearby too.

This month we are delighted to have Mel Marsh presenting her experiences of Agile development and Scrum from the perspective of a Scrum Master. Other talks include a look at CPAN and CPAN Testers.

Early arrivals can meet us at The Sack of Potatoes just around the corner from around 6pm.


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