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First Tech Meet of 2014
Posted by Barbie on 20/01/2014

This Wednesday, 22nd January 2014 will our first technical meeting of the year. We very fortunate to have a full schedule of speakers and talks, so please feel free to come along and here some diverse topics about Perl and related technologies.

On the schedule are:

  • Colin Newell - failures
  • Barbie - Creating Excel Spreadsheets with Template Toolkit
  • Barbie - Introducing the UK Co-Ordinators
  • Tony Edwardson - RemoteLib

The talks will start just after 7.30pm at Faraday Wharf, the Science Park, Aston. Although if you fancy a quick drink beforehand, some of us will be in the Sack O' Potatoes from about 6pm.

New Sponsors - Majestic 12
Posted by Barbie on 20/01/2014

It is with great delight, that we announce our new corporate sponsors, Majestic-12. Majestic-12 have long been supporters of Birmingham, with Alex and Steve from the company coming along and presenting technical talks to us. This year they will be sponsoring all our technical meetings. Our next meeting is on Wednesday January 22nd, we have a great line-up to start the year off.

Majestic-12 Ltd specialises in internet search technology, and have been pioneering in developing their distributed search network. Their MajesticSEO portal is for marketeers and entrepreneurs alike, and builds on their estanlished knowledge of the world wide web providing wealth of experience the worlds largest internet link map.

Many thanks to Majestic-12 for the past, current and future support.

Technical Meeting for Oct 2013
Posted by Barbie on 20/10/2013

In preparation for the London Perl Workshop, this month we have a couple of talks that may or may not get submitted. The October Technical Meeting will once again be at The Birmingham Aston Science Park, on Wednesday 23rd October 2013.

The first talk is by JJ, who will be explaining a project he and Colin have been working on. Expect more details about the talk and project before Wednesday. Our second talk is 'The Future of CPAN Testers' by Barbie. The talk will be a glimpse at some of the forthcoming projects to help authors, testers and users get the most out of the CPAN Testers project.

We still have space for another short talk, if anyone would like to present something. Please get in touch with a title and short abstract about the talk (a simple short sentence is fine), and I'll add you to the line-up.

Hope to see you there on Wednesday.

UPDATE: JJ's talk is 'Managing Multiple Git Repositories'

Technical Meeting for Sep/Oct 2013
Posted by Barbie on 22/09/2013

The next two technicsl meetings are lined up. As per usual we'll be at the Aston Science Park, Birmingham for both events, meeting at The Sack O' Potatoes beforehand for food and drinks.

The September neeting, on Wed 25th Sept, discusses Perl Golf and PSGI/Plack, while the October meeting, on 23rd Oct, will feature a talk from JJ, title still to be announced. If anyone would like to talk at either of these meetings, pleaselet me know. Whether the talk is short, medium or long, we'll be delight hear it. Contact barbie [at] for more details.

Technical Meeting for May 2013
Posted by Barbie on 19/05/2013

It's been a while since we've had a technical meeting, but thanks to Gavin and Colin, we'll be having a few talks at The Birmingham Science Park Aston on Wednesday 22nd May. All are welcome along, and we even have space for a extra short talk if you'd like to tell us about something.

For further details please see our Next Meeting page.

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